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Interact Investment Partners, LLC

Need to Sell?

People sell properties for many reasons.

  • They’ve inherited a home from deceased parents, but they can’t use the house.
  • They’re retiring and moving on.
  • They’re downsizing.
  • Life circumstances have changed, and the old house no longer works for them.
  • They’re tired of being a landlord.
  • Health concerns are forcing a move to single-floor living.
  • Job transfers are taking them out of state.
  • They’re rebalancing their portfolio.
  • Financial circumstances either force them to move – or make it possible to trade up to a larger house.

Whatever your reason, whatever the condition of your property, Interact Investment Partners can buy your house – As-Is – with cash and a quick closing.

While we don’t purchase every property we’re offered, we do consider every opportunity. We’ll find out about your situation, discuss the condition of your house, and we’ll agree on a fair price that works for everyone, based on those variables.

Find out more about our process here.