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What’s Happening in Houston (August 2020)

Houston SFR Sold August - Cash sale

In August, we saw 237 small to medium-sized residential properties sold to cash buyers in and around Houston:
Houston SFR Sold August - Cash sale


Interestingly, the vast majority of them were SFRs (214 of them), with only 2 Multi-families (2-4) sold.
Houston MF2-4 Sold August - Cash sale


And 21 condos/townhouses sold to the west.
Condo cash sales - Houston August 2020


There’s no record in Propstream of any sales to cash buyers for MF5+, but no surprises there. Overall, it looks like single-families are in steady demand for Houston. In July, 218 SFRs were sold to cash buyers, so that’s a small down-tick. But it’s still above 200 and holding. (By comparison, June saw 184 SFRs sold to cash buyers.)

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