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Interact Investment Partners, LLC

Real Data that Connects You with Real Deals

Interact Investment Partners. LLC provides data analysis and market research reports to independent real estate investors.

Whether you’re a buy-and-hold investor, a fix-and-flipper, or a wholesaler looking for where to target your marketing efforts, IIP, can connect you with the data you need to choose well.

Want to know where cash buyers are buying? Want to know where homeowners are selling? Want to know how may SFRs were bought in a certain zip code, two months ago? Want to find the cash buyers who are picking up properties during COVID? We can get that data for you.

We’re all about finding out where the action is.

If you’re investing today in the COVID economy, you have to be just a bit smarter than you were last year. You’ve got to be data-driven, pro-active, and have insight into personal choices. The real estate market is changing dramatically – in ways that nobody thought would exist, till recently. Changing times call for changing strategies. 

And we’re here to help.

Seeking New Opportunities? We’ll help you grow.

Whether you’re looking for a single family residence trends in a specific zip code, or you’re interested in large multi-families but you’re not sure if an area is fast-tracked for growth, our team can get you the intelligence you need to meet your goals.

We provide market data on:

  • Single-familiy residences
  • Multi-families (2-4 units)
  • Multi-families (5+ units)
  • Townhouses, condos, or other residential.
  • Commercial / Mixed-Use
  • Vacant Land
  • Other custom requests

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